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Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine, where the spine curves from side to side instead of having a straight vertical alignment. As a misalignment of the spine, some people naturally wonder if a chiropractor can straighten the curved, scoliosis spine. Unfortunately, the only way to straighten the spine permanently is with surgery; however, surgery is typically only offered to patients with severe curvatures due to the surgery’s invasiveness and potential for other damage. However, while scoliosis may not be curable, it is treatable. Much like other chronic diseases, care should be focused as much on quality of life as it is on technical, medical management. That’s where a scoliosis chiropractor can help. Warner Family Chiropractic specialises in providing those in the Northern Beaches and Mona Vale with scoliosis treatments to relieve some of their pain.  We may be able to offer care to complement your current regimen and improve some issues that cause you pain or diminish your quality of life.


Dr. Murray Warner is  qualified and experienced in safe spinal realignment techniques. Located in Mona Vale, he can offer many of the same benefits of traditional chiropractic care to his scoliosis patients. While scoliosis can be debilitating in and of itself, many of the issues patients have from scoliosis are actually caused by problems created around the spine. For example, most curved spines put additional stress on the muscles surrounding the spine. Headaches, trouble sleeping, and issues with breathing can also be caused tangentially to the scoliosis itself. While it’s important to remember chiropractic treatment isn’t a cure for the curvature of scoliosis, it may help alleviate pain and increase your flexibility, making living with scoliosis more manageable. 


We have offered spinal realignment and scoliosis treatments to patients in Mona Vale and the Northern Beaches for the past two decades. Our family-run chiropractic clinic has treated thousands of patients, including those with scoliosis, with helpful results. The holistic nature of chiropractic care means we’ll work with you to go beyond prescription care that treats only direct symptoms and not the issues in the body around the spine. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust Warner Family Chiropractic with your specialised  scoliosis chiropractic treatment.


Get in touch with Warner Family Chiropractic to make an appointment to discuss your specific issues and develop a personalised scoliosis treatment plan. Our Mona Vale based pain relief specialists believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a better life!


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