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In these days of rushing around, working hard, taking care of families, and trying to have some fun, it’s no wonder people from the Northern Beaches and beyond are having trouble with headaches, backaches, and neck pain. We all know that part of the answer is finding a way to reduce stress and relieve tension, but that can be easier said than done. Fortunately, at Warner Family Chiropractic, our family-run chiropractic clinic has over 21 years of experience helping patients in  Mona Vale the Northern Beaches area  with neck pain treatments, so they can feel better while they work on reducing the daily stress that can cause muscle tension and neck pain.


A neck that is out of alignment can cause or exacerbate issues with neck pain. You’ve experienced it firsthand when you sleep on your neck wrong and wake up with a stiff neck. A stiff neck is actually muscle pain caused by an out-of-alignment neck. When your neck isn’t 

aligned, the muscles on one side must stretch, while the corresponding muscles on the other side contract. This happens all the time by design, but when your neck stays out of alignment, your muscles start to cramp and overextend. When you wake up after sleeping wrong, you’ll feel the pain this causes. As you go about the day and your neck realigns, the muscle pain eventually goes away. However, if your neck stays out of alignment for some reason, that pain won’t go away, and it could lead to more trouble like headaches, eye pain, and other issues. To prevent these issues from occurring, contact our Mona Vale team for a neck adjustment appointment.


Although it seems like a unique part of the body, the reality is that the neck is just the top of the spine. Here in our Mona Vale neck pain treatment centre, we offer a 31-point spinal assessment that takes a thorough look at your entire spine from the bottom all the way up to the top part we all call the neck. Like all of our spinal adjustments we perform in our office in Mona Vale, our neck pain treatments are designed with your input. We listen to you to understand the issues you’re having from your perspective. Then, we’ll discuss with you what we find after your examination and spinal assessment. Together we’ll design a treatment plan that works for you.


For an appointment at  our Mona Vale office for neck pain treatments and adjustments, call (02) 9999 6491 or email us at Reach out today to see what a holistic approach to neck pain can do to improve your quality of life!


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